After three long weeks struggling to understand and implement Webpack, I finally have an update for you all. All of this sites JavaScript, JSX, and CSS are now bundled and minified, resulting in faster loading times and an overall more efficient site! -beatzz

New design in the works, looking into Bootstrap 4, SCSS, Webpack, and Node.js. Might be a while before I have this hashed out so hang tight. -beatzz

This update introduces several new components to beatzz.co, as well as several new technologies (React and JSX). Introducing home.php! Available for registered users only, this page contains all the vitial Bitcoin mining stats as well as account management features. -beatzz

Finished the validation for all forms, & implemented JSON. I've added a ton of new JavaScript & PHP over the past week, also started using VS Code as an IDE. I'm going to spend a few days cleaning up said JavaScript/PHP & familiarize myself with VS Code. -beatzz

Finished the JavaScript validation for the login form, and started implementing JSON encoding for client/server data transfers. -beatzz

Over the three day weekend, I was able to kock out some jqBootstrapValidation for the contact, signup, & login forms! -beatzz

After 2 weeks of extensive CSS revisions, the site now displays beautifully on small devices (cell phones), tablets, and desktop displays. -beatzz

Converted all the database mysqli to PDO, upgraded to Modal login & signup forms, and did some backend administrative tasks to the server. Next up, javascript for the login & signup forms. -beatzz

Forbid all the sub-directories within the Document Root, was stuck on that for over a week!! Next up, going to convert all the MySQL querys to PDO for an injection free environment :) Oh, and happy New Year!! -beatzz

Finished the Signup & Login form's PHP along with the MySQL database on the backend, which was the goal for this vacation holiday! :) -beatzz

Configured the JavaScript & PHP for the Contact form, minimized CSS, added HTML5 shiv, & removed some unnecessary scripts leftover from the previous layout. -beatzz

Finished the site's HTML & CSS for now, moving on to JavaScript & PHP to get the forms operational. Stay tuned ;) -beatzz

Worked on the HTML and CSS, dialed in the sticky footer & the collapsed navagation menu. -beatzz

Animated the collapsed navagation menu button. -beatzz